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JAYA offers alternative healing solutions to customers looking for healthy ways to manage pain, sleeplessness and anxiety, while promoting peace, clarity, and relaxation.
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I use JAYA Whole Body Drops as a facial treatment for rosacea and acne. I see a significant reduction in inflammation and redness when I wake up! I also mix Whole Body Drops with JAYA’s Relief Crème Lavender for pain. I love that cream! Only need 1 squirt when mixing. I rub it on my arms, lower back and quads after workouts. I have been using it on my son’s arms for eczema every night. What a difference – he can take a break from steroids! I have also used the Whole Body Drops in combination with an itch relief product like Eucerin.


I use JAYA Whole Body Drops for my nighttime skincare routine, for an extra moisturizer & facial massage. I also rely on Whole Body Drops when I'm having trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Taking 2 dropperfuls before bedtime relieves my pain and relaxes my body. Overall I give high marks for JAYA’s excellent and consistent quality and effectiveness. My elderly Mother uses Whole Body Drops orally. Really helpful for arthritis and other types of joint pain.


My cat suffers from a skin rash. I’ve been using JAYA Whole Body Drops on his chin and have seen a huge difference in his itching. JAYA helped me understand how much CBD oil is safe for my cat. I feel confident he’s safe with this product.


I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and often have “MS Hugs” which are extremely painful. JAYA Whole Body Drops taken orally have relaxed my muscles so I’m feeling a lot less discomfort. I also pair the Whole Body Drops with JAYA’s other products for on the spot relief.



I love using JAYA Roll-On Relief to target sore muscles and joints (especially my elbows and knees) - I use daily; I leave the roll on by my bedside table at night so I can target the spots that hurt if I wake up; that way I can fall right back to sleep again without any issues.


I have a very painful blood clot in my lower left leg. Instead of relying on conventional pain meds, I tried JAYA Roll-On Relief. I was SO surprised how fast it worked. I safely use it several times a day. Helps me sleep through the night without any pain. I strongly recommend this product!


I’ve been suffering from an inflamed neck due to chronic migraines. I immediately used JAYA Roll-On Relief once it arrived and felt INSTANT pain relief! The scent is a botanical eucalyptus formula which isn’t like other products I’ve used – it’s divine! JAYA’s products are not expensive and they really work fast.


There are a lot of CBD products to choose from on the market. I trust JAYA because they are completely transparent with their testing. It’s so easy to see that the products are what they claim to be. I feel safe using JAYA products. They are also priced right.



What a find!! I love JAYA’s Lavender Relief Crème. I smooth it on my arms and legs after a long day and relaxation just takes over. It’s such a great alternative to harmful meds. I’m so glad I found this company!!! I am planning to buy the cremes as stocking stuffers for my extended family. The Relief Crème in the Sandalwood Verbena scent is great for guys and ladies.


I love using the Relief Creme (Lavender) along with JAYA Roll-On Relief to target sore muscles and joints (especially my elbows and knees) - I swear by both and use daily.


I’ve given the Relief Creme to my elderly mother. Really helpful for arthritis and other types of joint pain. Overall I give high marks for JAYA’s excellent and consistent quality and effectiveness.


SARAH C., Spa Director

I was wondering if we would actually have a market at the Spa for CBD massages and facial treatments. I wish we had started it sooner! The JAYA Spa Body Oil integrates into our existing spa oil formulations, as it’s unscented. Our clients also love the Botanical Formula. We are able to charge a higher rate for these CBD massages. Our clients keep booking, so we know they are happy.

MICHAEL O., Physical Therapist

I invested in JAYA earlier this year and I am amazed at the safe and instant relief it brings my patients. I bring homeopathic solutions to my clients so I am very happy with JAYA. I also appreciate JAYA’s testing documents as some of my clients ask about quality. I use JAYA White label and Professional label products at my practice. I sell the JAYA white label products to my clients. We are seeing amazing returns. Excellent business investment - helping clients and our bottom line.

KRISTEN S., Medical Spa Owner

I own a medical spa company that provides facial surgical procedures. I have been very impressed with the safe anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties of the JAYA product line for my patients. Many of my clients are not interested in conventional pain medicines so this is a great alternative. I use both the white label and Professional label products on my clients. I resell the white label line and we have made incredible profits on each product.