JAYA’s Quality Promise

The highest quality growing & manufacturing practices create the best, safest, & most effective products.


  1. has created a proprietary seed-to-shelf supply chain of accredited Hemp CBD partners;
  2. partners grow Hemp CBD on certified American farms rich in fertile soil using the highest quality standards, innovative cultivation techniques and scientific processes;
  3. provides finished products produced by nationally certified manufacturing labs; and
  4. has created a testing and certification partnership with MCR Labs for final testing before products are put on the shelf.


Every JAYA product is traceable by a unique testing report called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA is provided by MCR Labs, a premier and accredited 3rd party testing lab. MCR provides certified JAYA product test results for:

  • Potency and pureness
  • Compliance for legal or no THC content
  • Proof that the product is free from pathogens, mold, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and harmful chemicals

JAYA’S Safety Seal is Real.
Scan It & See.

Scan the QR code on any JAYA product and see the results. Aim your smartphone camera or scanning app at the QR code on any JAYA hangtag and you will receive a notification to link to MCR Lab’s website displaying the JAYA product’s detailed Certificate of Analysis.